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Download Ghost Rider ISO PPSSPP

Ghost Rider is a third person action game created for the PSP in 2007. Written by Marvel, the storyline is same as the movie plot. Johnny blaze, a dare-devil biker gives his soul to the devil for his father to brought back to life.

The characters in the game are same as those in the movie. The only difference is that the PSP version has a special racing mode where players can use the ghost rider to race against other characters. In addition, players can use Johnny (the ghost rider) on foot, and on the hell cycle.

Gameplay and combat system is pretty similar to that of God of war 2 and Ghost of Sparta.

Ghost Rider: Game details

Name: Ghost Rider

Mode: Offline

Price: Free

Version: Android 4.4+

RAM: 1 GB (Recommended)

Storage: 280 MB

Game features

ghost rider cover poster

  • Third person action, adventure game.
  • Interesting storyline.
  • Race other bikers in the racing mode.
  • Smooth combat and attack system.
  • Unlock ghost rider skins by completing challenges.
  • Access and play as alternate characters such as blade, or other ghost rider skins.

How to download Ghost Rider ISO

  1. Download and install ZArchiver pro on your Android phone.
  2. Install the PPSSPP emulator here (if you don’t have it yet).
  3. Download Ghost Rider ISO file using this link.

How to install Ghost Rider ISO

  1. Extract the ISO file using ZArchiver pro app.
  2. Copy the Ghost rider ISO unzipped ISO file to the PSP game folder on your Android mobile device. You can find the PPSSPP emulator folder in your SD card or internal storage.
  3. Launch the PPSSPP Emulator app on your phone.
  4. Under the recent tab, you should see the Ghost rider game file. Tap on it to launch.

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